Security BSides Dublin 2022


Speakers Talk Video Slides
Kevin Jones Keynote: Cyber Cluedo: Using Threat Intelligence to Defend & Respond to Cyber Threats) -
Keith Hoodlet Security is a Feature
Amit Vitekar Modemsploitation: An overview of security in cellular networks and modems
Jan Carroll Bootstrapping your Cybersecurity Education
Michelle Garrigan The Cyber-Physical Nexus: Interconnectivity Expands Smart Facility Attack Vectors - -
Abi Waddell Radio Wave Open Source Intel using SDR
Vangelis Stykas Charge my car for free! FOREVER!
Stewart Hickey Cyber Resilience and the Future EU Cybersecurity certification framework -
Darren Martyn The Continued Evolution of Userland Linux Rootkits
Olgierd Pieczul Developer-centered security
Paddy Kerley Cyber War Is Boring
Karl Ots Lessons learned from enterprise cloud security programs
Adrian McAlister Improving the Protection of the "Last Sunny Place on the Internet" aka TikTok
Daniel Oates-Lee pwnSpoof
Chaitra Bhat IAC (Infrastructure-As-Code) SAST - what’s that?
Sam Stepanyan Using OWASP Nettacker For Recon and Vulnerability Scanning
Thomas Fischer Threats versus Capabilities - Building Better Detect and Respond Capabilities
Juho Jauhiainen Flubot - Pandemic in our pockets
Stuart McMurray Does this thing actually work?
Jayson E. Street Locknote: Perceptions: From a Blue Pill to a Blue & Black Dress


Analyzing Android malware from triage to reverse engineering Vitor Ventura
Bug bounty in payments Timur Yunusov
Practical Mobile App Attacks By Example Abraham Aranguren


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