Security BSides Dublin 2019


Dr Grigorios Fragkos

After 20 years in the UK, Greg has recently moved to Dubai, where he is responsible for the Cyber Services in DarkMatter, delivering exceptional services to clients in UAE, MENA and globally. He is part of the thought leadership initiative to safeguard the future of a smart-led digital ecosystem.

Previously, Greg was based in London as part of the EY Cyber team in OTS/TAS, delivering excellence in a globally market-leading proposition that helped shape and structure, in order to provide decision makers in multi-million investments (business transactions) the ability to identify and quantify the risk-exposure in existing and emerging Cyber threats.

With 20 years of experience, Greg has engaged with companies around the world sharing his expertise and ensuring that business entities within different sectors (such as banking, payments, maritime, defense & space) have in place security-in-depth practices against emerging Cyber threats. His background includes thought-leading security research, experience in defending mission-critical systems and leading technical security assessments, exposure to the CyberDefense department of the military and, identifying security gaps in the payments industry (fintech) while protecting high-value assets. (more:

Gavin O'Gorman

Gavin is an intelligence analyst, based in Blanchardstown, Dublin, working on the Symantec Attack Investigations Team (AIT). Before moving to the AIT in 2013, he worked as a reverse engineer, and as an incident handler. Gavin's primary role is to gather together information from both Symantec data sources, and open sources, to build a comprehensive picture of an attack, or attackers. Another aspect of the job is to work with law enforcement to assist in the investigation of e-crime. Prior to working in Symantec, Gavin spent several years researching network security in Dublin City University, and has lectured part-time for the DCU Masters in Security & Forensics course.

Anton Black

Anton previously worked as a software engineer and is now at least 50% cyber. He appreciates pretty pictures of all kinds, especially graphs. When not at a computer keyboard, he can be found at the other kind of keyboard making music.

Jean Marie Bourbon

Jean-Marie Bourbon A.K.A kmkz is an experienced Penetration tester / Red teamer working in Excellium Services in Luxembourg. He is mainly focused on remote access, Citrix environment and internal pentest, especially on post-exploitation steps which are one of his preferred part of offensive security.

Thomas Fischer

Thomas has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry ranging from software development to infrastructure & network operations and architecture to settle in information security. He has an extensive security background covering roles from incident responder to security architect at fortune 500 companies, vendors and consulting organisations. He is currently security advocate and threat researcher focused on advising companies on understanding their data protection activities against malicious parties not just for external threats but also compliance instigated.

Mick Ryan

Mick Ryan is the cybersecurity operations manager in ICON Clinical Research who has a strong technical background having worked in the security industry for over 15 years. His expertise spans all parts of the kill chain from installation & configuration to operational management of security technologies. Mick is a contributing member to the security community, is a board member of the OWASP Dublin Chapter and has numerous industry certifications. Mick is responsible for ensuring ICON is protected against cybersecurity threats and ensuring ICON tools and processes respond to these threats quickly and efficiently.

Tom Owen

Tom is Head of Security & Business Services at Memset Ltd, a security-focussed Cloud hosting provider in the UK. Previously he did security at Accenture and spent some time as a Security Analyst with Rackspace. He is definitely not an industry rock-star and had not completed his 10,000 hours, but he spends a lot of time thinking about scary things. He is also an ex-medic and Emergency Planning Officer for one of the busiest land Search and Rescue organisations in the UK and an ex-responder for the ambulance service.

Michael Burke

Michael is a security expert for the EU and evaluates projects for funding under three different European cybersecurity programs. He holds two Masters Degrees in security and a law degree he never really uses. A former Garda, he currently works with Grant Thornton where he specialises in Apple forensics, incident response and investigations.

Barbara Bogdanescu

Barbara Bogdanescu is a network and security architect with over 13 lucky years of making and breaking networks. Moving through various roles, she had the chance to experience the big and the small the inner and outer worlds by supporting, building, selling and buying IT architectures.

In her current role in Logicalis Ireland – as the Chief Technologist for Networks and Security – she is working on bringing automation and orchestrations to her customers. Bit&byte taming expert with a good dose of security paranoia. Cloud and data mining enthusiast, fluent in both binary and hex. A firm believer in a connected world that would enable us to reduce the time-consuming routine and allow us to unleash our creativity.

Nicolas Mattiocco

Expert with 10 years of experience in information security, I have performed various security consulting engagements, from penetration tests to global risk assessments and implementation of security solutions. I'm currently Freelance since 3 years and onboarded in the Red Team of a CERT in a large financial institution. Also founder of PatrOwl, a scalable, free and open-source solution for orchestrating Security Operations.

Christina Lekati

Christina Lekati is a psychologist and a social engineer. With her background and degree in psychology, she learned the mechanisms of behavior, motivation, decision making, as well as manipulation and deceit. She became particularly interested in human dynamics and passionate about social engineering. Being raised by George Lekatis, a sought-after cyber security expert, she found herself magnetized by the security field. Growing up, she was able to get involved in projects that were often beyond her age, giving her an edge in her own knowledge and experience. Christina has participated in penetration tests, training to companies and organizations, and in needs & vulnerability assessments. She is working with Cyber Risk GmbH as a social engineering expert and trainer. Christina is the main developer of the social engineering training programs provided by Cyber Risk GmbH. Those programs are intertwining the lessons learned from real life cases and previous experiences with the fields of cybersecurity, psychology and counterintelligence.

Tigran Terpandjian

Tigran (th3CyF0x) is a Security Incident Handler at Salesforce. An alumnus of the Advanced Practical Social Engineering course taught by Social-Engineer Inc, he has been fascinated with languages, cultures, social psychology, military tactics and history since childhood. When not on the incident hunt, Tigran loves playing tennis, practicing Krav Maga, and experimenting dangerously with spices and sauces in the kitchen.

Guillaume Lopes

Guillaume Lopes is a pentester with 10 years of experience in different fields (Active Directory, Windows, Linux, Web applications, Wifi, Android). Currently working as a Senior Penetration Tester at RandoriSec and also member of the Checkmarx Application Security Research Team. He also likes to play CTF (Hackthebox, Insomni'hack, Nuit du Hack, BSides Lisbon, etc.) and gives a hand to the Tipi'hack team. Proudly OSCP certified.

Jelena Milosevic

A pediatrician and ICU nurse with a lot of experience, working at many different hospitals in the Netherlands. Over the past 4 years active in the infosec community and applying the knowledge of infosec into the healthcare world to improve the security of the environment for patients and the medical staff.

Last year, more directly active in improvement of info security at different levels. A member of the I Am The Cavalry group and a part of the network of Women in Cyber.

Jacob Baines

Jacob is the team lead of Tenable's Zero Day Research team. When he actually gets to do research he enjoys reversing undocumented protocols and attacking embedded systems.

Owen Pendlebury

Owen has been involved in OWASP since 2009 and is currently a member of the OWASP Global Board of directors. Owen has also led the Dublin Chapter of OWASP, participated of the OWASP Women in AppSec mentoring group and been awarded OWASP Web Application Person of the Year (WASPY) for Innovation and Sharing. He has also been heavily involved in organising global AppSec conferences, chairing both the CfT and CfP of these conference in recent years.

Ivica Stipovic

Ivica has worked most of his professional lifetime as a system admin/network admin with hidden desire to reverse engineer malware and learn assembler. Over time he was exposed to several high-level duties such as Information Security Auditor/Implementer, IT service management auditor. Currently , a proud employee of Ward Solutions. Formal education encompasses B.Sc in Computing and Telecom ,MSc in Computer Forensics and Masters in Business Administration.

Shahidul Hoque

Shahidul Hoque is currently working as Senior Cyber Security Engineer at CoreHR. Before CoreHR, he worked at McAfee as Security Architect. In his day to day work, he ponders upon the security efforts performed within the organization by various stakeholders such as software engineers, QA tester, product manager, programme managers, engineering managers and so on in the aim of maintaining and/or hardening the security posture of the organization. Securing an organization is not a one-man army security expert's job but it takes collaboration, cooperation and hands-on efforts from a diverse background of people. And he keeps himself busy in carrying out security efforts through secure software development process. He is working in security area for more than seven years and have experience of working in research and development on web security, threat modeling, vulnerability management etc. He has studied Master's in Linkoping University, Sweden and accomplished a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering on 2008.

Binh Thanh Le, Cian Young & Niall McGrath

Binh Thanh Le – Lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at University College Dublin, Insight Centre for Data Analytics. He graduated M.S and Ph.D. also has published 19 papers in various Machine Learning Journals and International conferences. He has two commercial invention disclosures for developing the repricing system for Amazon marketplace.

Cian Young - Security Operation Centre Manager, Workday US. Worked previously in the Irish Defence Forces as an Electronic engineer. Completed Masters in UCD in Forensics Computing and Cybercrime Investigation and also holds various SANS certificates and accreditations. He currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Niall McGrath – Global Security Operation Centre Manager, Workday. Worked previously at Amazon in Incident Response and at Bank of Ireland as Security Engineer. Completed Ph.D. in Digital Forensics. Also, he lived in Japan for four years, where he worked as Mechanical Engineer and Architect in Osaka. He survived the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Japan, Osaka.

Dean O'Neill

New to the "Professional" front of Cyber Security, but have been hacking since I could walk, pulling apart toys to see how they work as a kid to finding ways to bypass the firewall in school. Up until recently I was working as a member of a big four as a member of a Red Team but left to return to college and be the first in my family to get a Degree. I am a member of ECSC Team Ireland and a Former Army Cadet; I am currently the CEO of the Ethical Hacker Society of the Technological University Dublin where I give workshops and talks to the multiple areas of Security. I am addicted to learning, which has lead me to take any education I can, such as my Intelligence Analyst Certification, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism diploma, DOD Counter Intelligence and many more.

Francis Long

Francis Long is a graduate of the Technological University of Dublin where he achieved a first class Masters Degree in Applied Cyber Security. Moreover he has an honours degree in Natural Science from Trinity College Dublin where he studied Geophysics and Fortran Computing, which is largely obsolete. He worked as a technical writer for Computers in Business Magazine (Sunday Business Post) and Irish Computer Magazine. He also worked as a Broadcast Journalist specialising in science reporting for RTE Radio (Future Tense) and RTE Television "Big Science".

His areas of interest include Encryption Vulnerabilities, Computer Vision and Cyber Security. He works full time as a Computer Science lecturer and spends the rest of his time fixing old appliances and filling out application forms. His highest placing in the Zerodays CTF was seventh place nationally but that was mostly due to being good at lockpicking.