Security BSides Dublin 2021

Capture the Flag (CTF)

BSides Dublin are delighted to welcome back ZeroDays as our Capture The Flag (CTF) partner for our 2021 event. ZeroDays have been running CTF competitions in Ireland since 2015, at events such as Security BSides Dublin, and at their annual flagship event - the ZeroDays CTF / Irish Colleges Cyber-Security Challenge. They also proudly coach Team Ireland at each year’s European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC), as hosted by ENISA.

ZeroDays will bring a team-based CTF to Security BSides Dublin 2021, allowing for teams of up to 4 players to participate as a team. ZeroDays-run CTFs are always top quality and loads of fun! There will be prizes on the day and serious bragging rights up for grabs! We will be releasing CTF tickets in batches at the same time as our general admission tickets - details to be announced on this site and via our Twitter account.
We also have a CTF sponsor tier, and welcome inquiries from parties interested in this unique sponsorship opportunity. See our sponsors page for further details.

ZeroDays generously volunteer at our event, delivering a CTF competition that has taken countless hours to design. We thank them for this massive effort and look forward to what promises to be a fun-filled Security BSides Dublin 2021 CTF.