Security BSides Dublin 2024

Attendee Code-of-Conduct

Security BSides Dublin is a conference by the information security community, for the information security community. Facilitating a pleasant atmosphere for all attendees (including organisers, speakers, volunteers, and sponsors) is a core aim of the Security BSides Dublin organisers and as an attendee you agree to be bound by the Security BSides Dublin Attendee Code-of-Conduct. This code of conduct must be adhered to at all Security BSides Dublin conference venues, including the after-party venue, and should also apply to attendee interaction via social media and other on-line platforms in relation to our event. The Security BSides Dublin Attendee Code-of-Conduct can be best summarised as:

"Be Excellent to Each Other"

Purpose of this Code-of-Conduct

  • To ensure a constructive, inclusive and pleasant atmosphere for all volunteers and attendees of the Security BSides Dublin conference.
  • To ensure that all attendees know what behaviour they have a right to expect from other attendees.
  • To ensure that all attendees know what behaviour is expected of them whilst attending Security BSides Dublin.

Respect for Others

All attendees must:

  • Treat the organisers and volunteers with respect and follow any instructions given. The Security BSides Dublin volunteers and organisers have given up a significant amount of their time, and often their money, to facilitate this conference for the benefit of the attendees.
  • Respect the presenters. Do not talk among yourselves during their presentations, ensure your mobile phones are on silent mode or switched off, and once you're inside a presentation, avoid leaving until the end so as to minimise disruption to the other attendees and the presenter. Heckling or harassment of presenters will not be tolerated. Asking questions is what makes this a community, but respect the presenter's method of handling questions during any presentation and allow other attendees the opportunity to ask questions too.
  • Treat everyone present at the conference fairly and equally.
  • Understand that harassment of ANY type will not be tolerated, including but not limited to verbal, physical, sexual, and online harassment.
  • Not discriminate against any other attendee.
  • Allow others to express themselves and understand that all views are important even if they are not the same as your own (as long as no offence is caused by such views).

Equal Opportunities

All attendees must:

  • Understand, respect and act at all times without prejudice to race, age, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size, gender, gender identity and expression, physical or mental health, religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, cultural background, or technology choices.
  • Understand that all forms of discrimination, including bullying and harassment are unacceptable.
  • Listen and adhere to the organiser's and volunteer's instructions.

Photography and Videography

All attendees must:

  • Respect the privacy of other attendees when photographing or video recording.
  • Understand that it is your responsibility to ask for permission before photographing or video recording another attendee.
  • Understand that the Security BSides Dublin presentations will be professionally recorded by a designated Security BSides Dublin videographer for public release after the event. With this in mind, attendees should not video record any presentation in its entirety.


If you are having an issue with any Security BSides Dublin attendee of ANY badge type, or have any concerns whatsoever in relation to safety or inappropriate conduct, please immediately notify a Security BSides Dublin organiser (recognisable by their "staff" T-shirt or staff identifier in the case of a virtual conference). We will then determine appropriate next steps. If you have a concern prior to or after the event, please email info | at | bsidesdub | . | ie


Any attendee found to have engaged in behavior violating this code of conduct may have their ticket invalidated and be expelled from the event at the sole discretion of the Security BSides Dublin organisers. The Security BSides Dublin organisers may also ban any such individual from attending future Security BSides Dublin events.